Movio's propensity algorithm

Movio’s unique propensity algorithm analyzes an audience's past behaviors and predicts how likely an audience is to watch a given movie. Propensity allows users to deliver a tailored customer experience, connecting each moviegoer to their favored films.

Real-time triggered Customer Journeys

Journeys are automated, real-time conditions that trigger dynamically populated campaigns. Our Journey builder provides both pre-configured and customizable journeys that can be triggered by any number of moviegoer actions or behaviors. This allows cinemas to create highly sophisticated and personalized digital interactions that enhance a guest’s experience.

Conditional, personalized content

EQ leverages audience behaviors to create dynamically populated campaigns that resonate with moviegoers. In addition to personalized content, cinema marketers can expand beyond members, finding customers in their channel of choice, resulting in higher click rates and increased revenue.

Enhanced reporting

EQ’s enhanced reporting aggregates all the reporting data across multiple campaigns and data sets. This offers users a holistic view of a campaign’s success, along with a more comprehensive deep dive into an individual send or feature success.

Real results


Dynamic content

When tested with a cinema loyalty program, dynamic content resulted in an 18% uplift in clicks and a 28% uplift in revenue when compared with a like-for-like editorialized version.


Audience propensity

Through testing for a well-known movie, Movio's unique Propensity algorithm showcased a visitation rate of 5.9x higher than all active members.

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