Movio Media

Designed for film studio marketers

Movio Media is our studio marketing solution with tools and insights that maximize box office revenue.

Leverage the most comprehensive source of moviegoer data

Access over 10M moviegoers in the US & UK, linked to 350M online and offline transaction records, sourced directly from leading cinema exhibitors.

Plan your media investment based on actual movie audience data

Profile moviegoers and the potential audience for your film based on title-level demographic, behavioral and ticket purchase data, drawn from 4,600 films.  

Connect with the moviegoers most likely to see your film

Leverage Movio’s proprietary AI-based moviegoer recommendation engine, to identify and reach those moviegoers most likely to see your film across digital, TV and social media channels.

Measure box office success

Link campaign performance to actual ticket purchases to ‘close the loop’. Optimize media investment and use actionable audience insights for future campaigns.

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